Translation services are available for reports, articles, presentations, supporting documents for courses and workshops, and film scripts.

We are experienced and prioritize working in issues related to international cooperation, scientific research, environmentalism, education, film, and art. Working hand in hand with specialists in the industry involved, doing extensive research and analyzing subtleties ensures that content is translated accurately, clearly and naturally. Whenever necessary, experienced translation teams working in different languages are coordinated. We take on urgent translation requests without compromising quality. All privacy and security protocols are followed to protect information communicated through the translation services.

Translation steps

1) Reading the original text in order to find out what it is about.
2) Reading similar texts in the target language* to become familiarized with the terminology that is mostly used in this field.
3) Translating without replicating the two languages, expressing content fluently in the target language.
4) Checking with glossaries and experts in the field in order to be exact.
5) Once the translation is finished, reading it against the original text to make sure there are no omissions or differences in meaning, polishing wording and making sure the text is homogeneous.
6) Checking punctuation and overall presentation of the translation.

* Target language is the language into which we will translate.

“We hired Speziali Communications on several occasions. They always showed great skills, professionalism and warmth. Our guests felt very comfortable with their service and their interpretation was always accurate and true to insurance terminology, which they became familiar with in advance.”

Susana Agustín

Former President Liberty Seguros Argentina S.A.

“Speziali Communications provided interpreting and translation services at our International Partner Conference and in several business breakfasts. The teams of professionals were competent and dedicated, showing great disposition at all times.”

Alberto Schuster

Senior Partner de KPMG Argentina

“Speziali Communications provided interpreting services in focus groups and translated the subsequent written analyses. I particularly value the team’s preparation, good disposition, and capability to solve unexpected situations without compromising the quality of the product”.

Yuri García

Quantum Director