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“At meetings of the Patagonian Forum over the last decade I have been privileged to benefit from the expert interpretation provided by Maria Laura. These meetings involve complex technical and scientific issues and are both multinational and multicultural. Throughout, Maria Laura has provided an exceptionally professional service.”

Prof. John Croxall
Chair of BirdLife's Global Seabird Programme

“As a filmmaker, I’m often invited to many foreign countries to speak to large audiences about my work and independent films. I have experienced a number of good interpreters; however, Maria Laura was exceptional in many aspects. She was phenomenal at simultaneous translation. When interpreting from Spanish to English, she spoke very clearly in perfect English. I don’t generally read from a prepared text or notes. My way of speaking is best described as spontaneous. In consecutive interpreting, when Maria interpreted my speech into Spanish, she allowed me to complete substantial parts of my speech without having to interrupt my flow of thought and therefore allowing me to stay focused. In addition to her professionalism, she has a very positive attitude at all times and clearly enjoys her job. She is a wonderful person to work with.”

Charles Burnett
Writer / Director/ Academy Member

 “Speziali Communications provided interpreting and translation services at our International Partner Conference and in several business breakfasts. The teams of professionals were competent and dedicated, showing great disposition at all times.”

Alberto Schuster
Senior Partner KPMG Argentina

“We hired Speziali Communications services on several occasions, both for simultaneous translation and for interpretation during meetings. They always showed great skills, professionalism and warmth. Our guests felt very comfortable with their service and their interpretation was always accurate and true to insurance terminology, which they became familiar with in advance.”

Susana Agustín
Former President Liberty Seguros Argentina S.A.

“Speziali Communications provided interpreting services in focus groups and translated the subsequent written analyses. I particularly value the team’s preparation, good disposition, and capability to solve unexpected situations without compromising the quality of the product.”

Yuri García
Quantum Director

“María Laura Speziali has displayed an amazing capacity as an interpreter coordinator, always fulfilling her role with great teamwork spirit. She has the ability to summon highly qualified interpreter teams and efficiently persuade clients to provide interpreters with everything they need to achieve an outstanding performance. María Laura is responsible, organized, generous, and demanding. I was extremely pleased to work with her.”

Isolda Rodríguez Villegas
Conference Interpreter

“María Laura has contributed to the success of the meetings of the Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea with professionalism and diligence since 2004. Simultaneous interpreting is an art which María Laura performs naturally, with perfect tempo and precision. She captures the nuances of language in dynamic conversations, spoken in English and Spanish with a variety of regional accents, by native and non-native speakers. She has interpreted under logistically complex situations, merging into the process without distracting the speakers or forcing a significant change in their communication styles. I strongly recommend her as a key component of a bilingual meeting.”

Claudio Campagna

““I have hired María Laura for all the editions of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival since 2007 due to her professionalism and expertise. She is a hard-working and proactive professional who is able to see beyond the scope of her professional field and act spontaneously, cooperatively and adequately as a change of situation might require. Her accuracy, warm voice, calm pace and demeanor make international guests feel welcomed and at ease.”

Paulina Casabé
Interpreters Coordinator, Mar del Plata International Film Festival

“Speziali Communications has been key to the success of the II International Feminist Congress- 2010 and its complex, multi-layered programme with the team of interpreters who worked in simultaneous, consecutive and whispering mode. In addition to being very professional, they were fully engaged with the subject matter.”

Graciela Tejero Coni
Directora del Museo de la Mujer – Argentina

"I would like to highlight Maria's highly professional simultaneous interpretation of the Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea meetings, where I was her first coordinator, as well as her work in the multinational meetings of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, that I have been a part of for over ten years. Her intelligence and ability not only to interpret concepts accurately but also to add quality to the speech have earned my utmost admiration. I strongly recommend María for any kind of meeting, regardless of the subject matter involved.”

Rodolfo Werner
Antarctica & Southern Ocean Senior Advisor
Pew Charitable Trusts & Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

“Her professionalism and style captured me from day one. María speaks English flawlessly and naturally, managing to capture and reproduce nuances, subtleties, tones and moods even in complex scenarios where technical issues are being discussed. We feel María Laura is part of the team and are happy to have her.”

Valeria Falabella
Member of WCS Marine Program