Interpretation is provided at business meetings, plant walkarounds, training sessions, press conferences, workshops and seminars, in Argentina and abroad.

Focus is on ideas and intentions rather than words in order to express emotions and non-verbal communication as well as the technicalities of the presentation. A preparatory meeting usually takes place in order to establish a comfortable and efficient working relationship. Whenever necessary, accomplished interpreting teams working in different languages are coordinated. All privacy and security protocols are followed to protect information communicated through the interpretation services. Sound system provision can also be facilitated, providing a tailor-made solution for every situation.

International Association of Conference Interpreters (Aiic) members.

Argentine Association of Conference Interpreters (ADICA) members.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a highly qualified profession. Simultaneous interpreters must listen to, process and then translate the spoken word fluently and immediately, as they continue to listen to the speech. Simultaneous interpretation is usually supported by a soundproof booth and infrared sound equipment. It is essential to count on reliable sound equipment that will guarantee quality broadcasting of the speech to the interpreter and of the interpretation to the audience, which is heard by means of headphones.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation requires training in memory and note taking. Interpreters listen carefully to the speech and when the speaker pauses, they quickly translate what has been said. When the interpreter has finished, the speaker continues. Given that this procedure is lengthy and it may bother those who can understand both languages, it is usually used only for short interventions.

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